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This song is by Jonesy and appears on the album Keeping Up... (1973).

Now there is peace, the bloody war is over
Church bells ring as people rouse and cheer
The bombs don't drop no more
No more hiding behind locked doors
Now there's time for peace

Now there is joy for all across the land
God bless the boys, you'll say, died for victory
Now there will be another short pause
Until someone finds a new death cause
Now there's time for joy

Though I know we will be saved
From ourselves, we cannot live until we are
In years to come we could still be
Wearing thorns and speaking spears
These are the fears, these are the fears
These we have to live with

When there is love, peace and joy will follow
Time to start again, the Judas-men have gone
Widows' tears still flow, in the streets the fires glow
Now there's time, now there's time
Now there's time for love

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