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This song is by Jonesy and appears on the album Growing (1973).

Now's the time to make a move
We're leaving
Don't you know it's only natural
After all this time has gone
And time is money
Let us down, fixed the books
Christ your sums are funny

Up for sale because we learned the truth
Turned our backs on broken promises
All we wanted was our share
It's only fair, but
You let us down, fixed the books
Growing on our money

Yesterday we changed our plans
We've worked it out
All we need to have is honesty
Let us live, we've paid our dues
In waiting 'round
We said, yes we know it's best
Now's our chance for growing

Now's the time to make our move
We're leaving
After all it's only natural
Keeping up, you found, was hard to do
Keeping up, growing
The difference is the money

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