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That Doesn't Make Sense

This song is by Jonathan Hurley & Whitney Avalon.

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Jamie's mom said God's a woman. That's not true, right?

Well, honey, different religions believe different things. Let's see which one makes sense to you

Catholics believe the Pope is magic
When he sits in his fancy chair
They eat God's body once a week
It tastes like paper, but they don't care
Don't stay late at church or you might
End up with a priest in a dark room
Jesus wants your donations
He came to earth so he could die

That doesn't make sense

OK, then, we'll move on
Have you heard of Islam?

Allah will judge the infidels
Mohammed flew on a white horse
The rules are from 610 A.D.
But they try to follow them still, of course
Men can have a lot of wives
Women must be covered from head to toe
There's fasting, stoning, and a space rock
They kill anyone who burns their book

That doesn't make sense

OK, then, we'll move on
There are other options
You've gotta know what works for you
It's smart to learn before you choose
If you pick a religious view...

It's gotta make sense
It's gotta make sense

Jews believe God speaks Hebrew
He cares what they do and say
He gets mad if they write his name
Or answer the phone on Saturday
He likes playing pranks on people
He told Abraham to kill his son
A saviour will come, the dead will rise
Then the world will be perfect till the end of time

That doesn't make sense

OK, then, we'll move on
The next one's really wacky

Human bodies are packed with Thetans
They have many past lives in space
Don't use science, use Dianetics
Get a e-meter and know your place
Seventy-five million years ago
Lord Xenu put people on earth
Stuck an H-bomb in a volcano
Now he's trapped inside a mountain

That doesn't make sense

OK, then, we'll move on
But they get to meet Travolta

Well, why don't you tell us what does make sense then, Einstein McCrankypants?

Satan was the serpent in the Garden of Eden
He and his demons are everywhere
I will grow more powerful
And spread his darkness and despair
The devil tells us to destroy religion
Except for his 'cause it's the best
And sometimes we please him by taking drugs
Killing humans, and drinking their blood

That doesn't make sense

It does make sense

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