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Waiting for a Ghost

This song is by Jon Walker and appears on the album New Songs (2011).

Walked with the dog
He's the one that I follow
Something tells me
I'm supposed to listen
Picked up a pen
And it started to happen
Redefined my mind
Or maybe someone else did

I was waiting for a ghost
Maybe someone else's soul
To come and grab a hold of me
I am just a tambourine
Moving slowly to a beat
Like a wave in the sea
Something has a hold of me

Played with the cats for a couple of hours
Something tells me
I'm not gonna regret it
Stuck in my head
Is a song that I don't know
I wonder who it is

Words are on the wall
I realize they've been there all along
I just wasn't looking
All these melodies
Have already been sung long before I
Figured out that I could sing them

Now that I know
I will get back to dreaming
Or whatever else it was I was doing

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