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Here for You

This song is by Jon Walker and appears on the album New Songs (2011).

I'm all packed up, I got all my stuff
In a black suitcase that I've had for years
I have no tears 'cause I lost my fears
Now I have the time
Time to have some fun

I don't want to get a job
So I can buy things I don't need
They sold it to us as a dream
Monkey see, monkey do

There's nothing left for me here
If there's nothing left for you
I can't tell you what to do
Figure it out for yourself
But I will always be here for you

A better life is a simple one
With a love that flows throughout your veins
It's not easy to contain
Nor should it ever be
Share that love with me

I don't believe in destiny
But I know the people that I meet
Will always be special to me
Monkey see, monkey do

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