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Everything Changes

This song is by Jon Walker and appears on the album Connections (2014).

Never has no one not needed some help
Why don't we see what we do to ourselves
So much to hide we are buried alive
While swallowing down with a false sense of pride

If everyone knew the true price that we pay
All our problems would be solved right away
There's no denying that no one's the same
But everyone has something special to say

Everything changes, change is everything
Change is a pulse, you can feel it
Can you feel it?

Corruption continues to figure our fate
If you don't give in it might not be to late
You don't have to love everything that you hate
But change is a coming and it will not wait

All we have left is the peace in our mind
Directly connecting our chance to survive
What will we do with the rest of our time?

We have to bridge the divide
We have to fight for our lives

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