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This song is by Jon Walker and appears on the EP Home Recordings (2011).

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It's ten o'clock in the morning
I don't want to get up today
I don't know what else to say
I'm all alone
I could have been home yesterday

It doesn't feel like the summer
It's cold when there's nothing to do
December looks so much like June
I'm all alone
On the phone talking to you

I thought that I would be happy
I thought I had nothing to lose
They say that good things come in twos
I'm all alone
But at least I'm out of the news

It's ten o'clock in the evening
What did I do with my day?
I feel like I'm wasting away
I'm all alone
With the words I wish I could say

It's three o'clock in the morning
I'm on a plane headed East
I'm not going to get any sleep
But I'm going home
Because I have someone I need

So what's going to happen tomorrow?
There's really no way to know
I'll just have to get up and go
I won't be afraid
As long as I'm never alone

No, I won't be afraid
As long as I'm never alone
I can't be afraid
And God knows I can't be alone

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