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A New Song

This song is by Jon Walker and appears on the album Connections (2014).

It's been awhile since I saw you
My head is higher than the clouds
And I am puzzled by the pieces
Kept in the crowd perfectly proud
I been working on my magic
Ain't no end to my beliefs
All I know is there's a problem
Like a disease coming for me

Something's gonna happen
I can feel it coming
This way or that way
We've been waiting too long
And we're still going strong
But we need a new song

My, oh my, the situation
Is apathetically designed
Exercise your intuition
What do you find controlling your mind?
Ain't no matter what I tell you
Gotta see it to believe
There will always be a secret society
Coming for me

If I ever see you, I'd love to let you in my head
Maybe we can solve the puzzle

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