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The Truth

This song is by Jon Oliva and appears on the album Raise The Curtain (2013).

I just want to sit
Have a drink
Talk to you
All these things
That I know you gone through

I can see
In your eyes
When you speak of days gone by
There's so much that you're keeping

Let it go
Don't you know
I am here to dry your tears
Ease the pain
You been holding for years
Look deep into my eyes
You will see the truth, no lies
Spread your wings and hold on tight

So to you all
I say tell the truth
Play no games
I don't think I could handle the pain

So I ask once again
Be my lover
Be my friend
I'll be there for you right to the end

As this story winds down to the end
If we can't agree
Can we still be friends
All I have I've offered to you
And all I ask in return is the truth

Tell me the truth
Tell me the truth

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