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​Will And A Way

This song is by Jon Nørgaard and appears on the album This Side Up (2003).

It's hard to get what we had
It's 'OK' Just don't look back
'Cause we can do it and work it all out

We have searched, like we were both being blinded
It was love, that we just couldn't find
But we know now, it's what it's all about

We got to keep holding on to the things that we got
It might not be everything, but it's still a lot

If there's a will there's a way
And we will get there, baby, one day
Just give me time to feel what I've felt before
Help me open up the door

If there's a hope there's a heart
And that's the way it's been from the start
'Cause if your love is strong on the weakest day
Then you got a will and a way

Don't give in, you got to hold on
Fight for love and still be strong
We can do it, work it al out

'Cause the pain that we felt was building up inside
We were two lost souls hiding out in the night

I keep holding on to your heart, I keep holding on