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One Woman Man

This song is by Jon Nørgaard and appears on the album This Side Up (2003).

She's the attraction at night, she turns you on
She's a heartbreaker

She walks around in her nest, controls your mind
She's a man eater

I've got what I want at home, (don't tease me)
You know that I'm not alone, (please leave me)
She's living on the edge, and she will never understand

That I'm a man, a one woman man
(And I will always stay true to my love)
'Cause when you feel it, you will understand, that I'm a man
(I'm gonna love you like a man) - a one woman man

The man who touches her skin, will get a scare
And it will stay on forever

She bites back in your dreams, and won't let go when you scream
Good and bad goes together

(I've got, what I want) Please don't try
(I've got, what I need) Don't you push me, no
I'm going to show you what I am, show you who I am

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