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Album by Jon Connor.
  1. Unconscious State Prelude
  2. Unconscious State
  3. Take the World (featuring Lia Mack, Lyric Da Queen and Jenna Noelle)
  4. Connor 25:17
  5. The Sarah Song (Tour Life the Sequel)
  6. Michigan Shit (featuring Royce Da 5'9")
  7. Over & Over
  8. F'N Right (featuring Freddie Gibbs)
  9. When I Was Young (featuring Chris Webby and Smoke DZA)
  10. Under Oath
  11. In My Sleep (featuring Tito Lopez and Chelsea Blare)
  12. 2 Week Notice
  13. The Porn Song (featuring D.Wayne and Caas Swift)
  14. Let Us Pray (featuring Willie The Kid and 40 Da Great)
  15. Rise Up (featuring Talib Kweli)
  16. This Time (featuring Kevin George, Craig Owens, Yobi and Jenna Noelle)
  17. Judge & Jury
  18. My Life (featuring Justin Daye and Caas Swift)
  19. Vodka & Weed (featuring Danny Brown)
  20. Running Away (featuring Jenna Noelle)
  21. American Pie (featuring Lia Mack)
  22. Outro

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