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Blaze Of Glory (1990)Edit

Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory

Blaze Of Glory

  1. Billy Get Your Guns
  2. Miracle
  3. Blaze Of Glory
  4. Blood Money
  5. Santa Fe
  6. Justice In The Barrel
  7. Never Say Die
  8. You Really Got Me Now
  9. Bang A Drum
  10. Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin'
  11. Guano City

The Powerstation Years (1980-1983) (1997)Edit

Jon Bon Jovi - The Powerstation Years (1980-1983)

The Powerstation Years (1980-1983)

  1. Who Said It Would Last Forever?
  2. Open Your Heart
  3. Stringin' A Line
  4. Don't Leave Me Tonight
  5. More Than We Bargained For
  6. For You
  7. Hollywood Dreams
  8. All Talk, No Action
  9. Don't Keep Me Wondering
  10. Head Over Heels
  11. No One Does It Like You
  12. What You Want
  13. Don't You Believe Him
  14. Talking In Your Sleep
  15. Bobby's Girl
  16. Gimme Some Lovin' Charlene
  17. Don't Do That To Me Anymore
  18. This Woman Is Dangerous
  19. Maybe Tomorrow
  20. Runaway (instrumental)

Destination Anywhere (1997)Edit

Jon Bon Jovi - Destination Anywhere

Destination Anywhere

  1. Queen Of New Orleans
  2. Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town
  3. Midnight In Chelsea
  4. Ugly
  5. Staring At Your Window
  6. Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart
  7. It's Just Me
  8. Destination Anywhere
  9. Learning How To Fall
  10. Naked
  11. Little City
  12. August 7, 4:15
  13. Cold Hard Heart
Bonus tracks
  1. I Talk To Jesus
  2. Sad Song Night

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Live and unreleased songsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Blue Christmas
  2. Christmas Baby, Please Come Home
  3. Jailbreak
  4. Love Hurts
  5. Not Running Anymore
  6. Old Habits Die Hard
  7. Sera Que La Cancion Llego Hasta El Sol
  8. Love Song To The Earth

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