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The Arms Of Love

This song is by Jon Anderson.

And when I wake up to the days
I see the sunlight like I see it for my many yesterdays
But in my heart it's not the same
'Cause when I turn to look for you I realize I'm alone again
But let me put this point of view
I can be lost and lonely too
No more afraid to say to myself
I miss you, I miss you

So in these days I feel sancturous
To help me understand myself a little more
I've learned one thing that surprises me
To be alone, is not alone
As I thought it was before

For who lights up this very dawn I see
When I feel the tears in my eyes
Who lights the way when all around
The clouds are darkening my skies

Trust is all I need
Trust is all I know
And the arms of love
To see my senses grow

Who knows if I can discover myself
Who knows if I can contain the power
Say just what you might
Say just what you need
I feel better knowing, it's not for nothing
We are growing

So when you ask me, am I feeling ok
I only know I'm waking up to all my days
Looking for your help, looking for your trust
And the arms of love
The arms of love
The arms of love
The arms of love

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