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This song is by Johnny Winter and appears on the album John Dawson Winter III (1974) and on the album No Time To Live (2001).

Hello, pretty stranger
Can I sit here for awhile?
You know I'm kinda tired and lonesome
Seems like I've been ten thousand miles
Just want to talk to you awhile

You know I'm not sure where I'm goin'
But I can tell you where I've been
But I guess it really doesn't matter
'Cause I'm just lookin' for a friend
No, I might not pass this way again

Got no time, now for thinkin'
Got no time to wonder why
But I got time for one more great day
And I got time to say goodbye
Yes I can make it if I try

It's gettin' late, guess I'll be goin'
I hope I didn't bring you down
Oh yes, I can come up for a minute
If you don't mind me hangin' round
'Cause I'm a stranger here in town
Yes I'm a stranger in your town
Yes I'm a stranger here in town

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