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You Gotta Lose

This song is by Johnny Thunders and appears on the album What Goes Around... (1991) by The Heartbreakers.

I hope I don't seem immodest when I tell you that my, my
Mother was a pinhead and my father was a fly
That's why I love you darlin' with a love that's so unique:
Your glistenin' wings they complement your head's exquisite peak

You gotta lose, you gotta lose
Not too long ago I knew a guy who thought he can't be beat
But he got rabies on his rubies now he can't unlace his feet
And I for twenty minutes yesterday felt great, felt insensate
But when you're twenty minutes late your fate is patient and will wait

You gotta lose, you gotta lose
I know it's hard for you to face the fact Max Factor failed your face
And that your social life's misshapen 'cause you feel so out of place
And that the most magic man you'd meet and ask your soul to keep
Still could only love you from a distance one man deep

You gotta lose, you gotta lose, you gotta lose, you gotta lose, you gotta lose


Written by:

Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders

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