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You're Gonna Be The Cowboy

This song is by Johnny Paycheck and appears on the album Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets (1977).

I'm gonna ride off in the sunset
Like a cowboy in an old-time western show
I bit the dust
I've had it
I'm tired of riding in her rodeo
Luck don't last forever
Where she's concerned it lasts a whole lot less
But I know how you're feeling
'Cause partner I once blazed that trail myself

Now you're gonna to be the cowboy for a while
You're gonna be the one to make her smile
Lord knows I've been holding on
But dang if she hadn't drug me the last mile
And I'm letter her go
And you're gonna to be the cowboy for awhile

You can check out all your motels
And the backstreets where the cheaters go to hide
You can hold her in the daytime
Like I know that you've been holding her each night
She's easy in the saddle
And right now you're the one that's riding tall
But as sure as God made cowboys
When the right one comes along you're gonna fall

Now you're gonna to be the cowboy for a while