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Save Your Heart for Me

This song is by Johnny Paycheck and appears on the album Everybody's Got A Family (1979).

Yeah some of us are takers
Some of us are givers
Darling, I know you're the giving kind
You'd give away the world just for the asking
That's the way you are, so I don't mind
Now I'm not one for taking
And I'm no good for asking
But there's one thing that I've just got to say
I only want to love you
So all I'm asking of you
Is the part of you
You never gave away

Give you hand to your mother
Your advice to your brother
Your money to some beggar on the street
Give your clothes to your sister
Your respect to your daddy
Give your soul to Jesus
But save your heart for me

Well the people all around you
Have grown used to leaning on you
You've always been there when somebody calls
But I want more than your kindness
The part of you I want is
The part of you that matters most of all

Give your hand to your mother...

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