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Ole Pay Ain't Checked Out Yet

This song is by Johnny Paycheck and appears on the compilation album Survivor (2001).

You've all heard it said
I shoulda been dead a long time ago
From drinking too much whiskey
But there's one thing you don't know
I've always been a survivor
Through all my ups and downs
And it makes no difference what they say
Cause this old boy is still around

Well I might be used
But I ain't used up
I'm sitting all ready and I'll show you my stuff
I got a 6 piece band and my old guitar
I've traveled this old land near and far
As a matter of fact
Old Pay ain't checked out yet

Yeah I've got a few old rough edges
But Lord knows I've been through hell
Living out an image
A part I've earned so well
Now I won't say that I'm changing
Heaven knows that I've tried
But I'm back in the gate
So you might better wait
Before you kiss old Johnny goodbye