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Something to Shout About

This song is by Johnny Marr And The Healers and appears on the album Boomslang (2003) by Johnny Marr and the Healers.

Who cares?
For ever after
Who cares?
Is all that we know
Who can see behind the laughter?
Who needs me?
Bring 'em on down
I'm all new
Kinda know it somehow
Whirling around
Is just about all I want to do
All I need is the early morning
It's here for me
Pity I'm still asleep
Yes I know
And you can see
I always wanted
I don't know, I don't care
Maybe I'll see you somewhere
Something to shout about
Something to smile about
It's true, it's all that I know
New squares across the skyline
New air, it's hot outside
Just a passing show
The cars go and fly by
Already there
All that I know
Some things you've got to cry about
Some things you've got to smile about
It's true, it's all I know
It's all I know

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