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Long Gone

This song is by Johnny Marr And The Healers and appears on the album Boomslang (2003) by Johnny Marr and the Healers.

Where does all the time go
Looking out the window?
Nothing like it could be
Just like it's meant to be
Pass it out and get me
Dynamite and deadly
That's the way the dough goes
See me at the aftershow, come on
Grabbing at the same things
Babbling and complaining
Jumping at the tempo
Meet me at the pool
So, she gets into fuel
Gambles it for food, go on!
There's something here to do
It's long long gone
Get gone gone
Dumbing down in limbo
Act it out and move slow
Lying like a dead tree
Get to the back and let me see!
It's two fifty-two
Up in the lift
And do come on up
I've been around a few
No one ever knew
Acting like we do
It's wrong, wrong wrong
Long long long long gone
Driving out at high speed
Climbing over seaweed
Look right out, the moon's high
Trying to keep my clothes dry
Play it, play those coolest games
Get out again, she's insane
Right on top
The pressure drop
Right on top
Never never get off
There's something here to do
Always something new
I'm sinking like a stone
Rolling in the foam
Someone get me home!
Back where I belong
Long long long long long long
Long long gone

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