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This Golden Ring (_)

This song is by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates and appears on the compilation album The Complete Johnny Kidd & the Pirates (1992).

This golden ring's gonna buy me a place in my baby's arms
This golden ring's gonna make quite sure that we never part
It's so funny what a ring can do
Make a girl just like you take a ride down town
Searchin' for a wedding gown
This golden ring's gonna bring a little tear to my baby's eyes
She's gonna be so happy and just like a woman she'll cry
She will smile and I know that no matter what the future may show
It's gonna be the two of us eternally
So I've got a ring for my baby
And I'm a thinkin' very soon that maybe that girl will be mine
I'm gonna have an angel divine
And ev'rything is gonna be fine, so fine, yeah fine, so fine


Written by:

Roger Greenaway; Roger F. Cook

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