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Back to Back (1969)Edit

Johnny Duncan & June Stearns - Back to Back

Back to Back

  • (with June Stearns)
  1. Jackson Ain't a Very Big Town
  2. We Had All the Good Things Going
  3. What Locks the Door
  4. We'll Get Married or Nothing
  5. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
  6. The Wild Side of Life
  7. Back to Back
  8. Sweet Thang
  9. Now I Lay Me Down to Dream
  10. Can You Match That Kind of Love
  11. The True and Lasting Kind

Johnny One Time (1968)Edit

Johnny Duncan - Johnny One Time

Johnny One Time

  1. Hard Luck Joe
  2. Wichita Lineman
  3. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am
  4. When She Touches Me
  5. Johnny One Time
  6. To My Sorrow
  7. Day Drinker
  8. Baby Me Baby
  9. Louisville Nashville Southbound Train
  10. Lucy
  11. Please Remember Me

You're Gonna Need A Man (1973)Edit

Johnny Duncan - You're Gonna Need A Man

You're Gonna Need A Man

  1. Day Drinker
  2. Let Me Go (Set Me Free)
  3. What I Don't Know
  4. Louisville Nashville Southbound Train
  5. Baby's Smile, Woman's Kiss
  6. Gotta Get Back (On The Right Track)
  7. Window Number Five
  8. I'm In This Town For Good
  9. Looking For Someone Lonely
  10. You're Gonna Need A Man

Johnny Duncan (1977)Edit

Johnny Duncan - Johnny Duncan

Johnny Duncan

  1. Thinkin' Of A Rendezvous (with Janie Fricke)
  2. Ain't You Something Else (with Janie Fricke)
  3. Maybe I Just Crossed Your Mind (with Janie Fricke)
  4. Atlanta Georgia Stray (with Janie Fricke)
  5. Damn It All
  6. It Couldn't Have Been Any Better (with Janie Fricke)
  7. Love Should Be Easy (with Janie Fricke)
  8. Charley Is My Name
  9. Third Rate Romance
  10. Denver Woman

The Best Is Yet To Come (1978)Edit

Johnny Duncan - The Best Is Yet to Come

The Best Is Yet to Come

  1. She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed Anytime
  2. Sleepin' With The One You Love
  3. A Lifetime To Learn
  4. Candy
  5. The Best Is Yet To Come
  6. Hello Mexico (And Adios Baby to You)
  7. I Watched An Angel (Going Through Hell)
  8. Ain't No Way That I Can Forget You
  9. The Pillow
  10. Mexican Love Songs

See You When The Sun Goes Down (1979)Edit

Johnny Duncan - See You When the Sun Goes Down

See You When the Sun Goes Down

  1. Slow Dancing
  2. Warm up the Night With You
  3. Make Believe It's Your First Time
  4. The Last Cheater's Waltz
  5. See You When the Sun Goes Down
  6. Oh, Maria
  7. Too Friendly for Friends
  8. One Night of Love
  9. How Married Are You, Mary Ann?
  10. Whine, Whistle Whine

Straight From Texas (1979)Edit

Johnny Duncan - Straight From Texas

Straight From Texas

  1. Play Another Slow Song
  2. My Woman's Good To Me
  3. I'd Just Be Fool Enough
  4. Too Far Gone
  5. Runaway Housewife
  6. The Lady in the Blue Mercedes
  7. Would You Like To Spend The Night (With A Memory)
  8. If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me
  9. What's A Little Love Between Friends
  10. The Bright Morning Light

You're On My Mind (1980)Edit

Johnny Duncan - You're On My Mind

You're On My Mind

  1. Acapulco
  2. Nobody's Better Than You
  3. Lookin' For Love
  4. Sleepin' With The Radio On
  5. Forever
  6. Married Women
  7. Am I That Easy To Forget
  8. Over Forty (Not Over The Hill)
  9. An Interesting Fire
  10. Should've Never Let You Go

In My Dreams (1980)Edit

Johnny Duncan - In My Dreams

In My Dreams

  1. I'm Gonna Love You Tonight (In My Dreams)
  2. It's Such a Perfect Day for Makin' Love
  3. Wonderful Tonight
  4. How's the World Treating You
  5. The North Won the War Again Last Night
  6. The Way You Are
  7. Warm Women and Cold Champagne
  8. Soulful Woman
  9. A Lighter Shade of Blue
  10. Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed

Faraway Hideaway (1986)Edit

Johnny Duncan - Faraway Hideaway

Faraway Hideaway

  1. A Faraway Hideaway
  2. Texas Moon
  3. Paradise Isle
  4. You're in Love
  5. She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed Anytime
  6. Biloxi
  7. It's Gonna Be a Long Night
  8. The Look of a Lady in Love
  9. She Made a Mean Margarita
  10. Stranger (with Janie Fricke)

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