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Third World Child (1985)Edit

Johnny Clegg - Third World Child

Third World Child

  1. Third World Child
  2. Gumbagumba Jive
  3. Hooked on Tragedy
  4. All Is Not Lost
  5. Are You There?
  6. Tell Him Again
  7. Don't Walk Away
  8. New Earth
  9. Shine a Light

One Life (2006)Edit

Johnny Clegg - One Life

One Life

  1. Daughter of Eden
  2. Jongosi
  3. Makhabeleni
  4. Thamela - Die Son Trek Water
  5. The Revolution Will Eat Its Children (Anthem for Uncle Bob)
  6. Utshani Obulele
  7. Faut Pas Baisser Les Bras
  8. Devana
  9. Bull Heart
  10. Day in the Life
  11. Boy Soldier
  12. Touch the Sun
  13. 4 Box Square
  14. I Don't Want to Be Away
  15. Locked and Loaded
  16. Utshani Obulele (Zulu version)

Human (2010)Edit

Johnny Clegg - Human


  1. Love in the Time of Gaza
  2. The World is Calling
  3. All I Got is You
  4. Asilazi (featuring Soweto Gospel Choir)
  5. Give Me the Wonder
  6. Congo
  7. Here Comes That Feeling Again
  8. Hidden Away Down
  9. I Know That Sound
  10. Manqoba (The Victorious)
  11. Nyembezi (Tears)
  12. Magumede
  13. Digging in for Some Words

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b. 1953 (Bacup, Lancashire, England)

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Johnny Clegg is a performance name for Jonathan "Johnny" Clegg.

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