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Album by Johnnie Temple.
  1. When the Breath Bids Your Girl Friend's Body Goodbye
  2. Big Leg Woman
  3. What a Fool I've Been
  4. Grinding Mill
  5. Between Midnight and Dawn
  6. Mississippi Woman's Blues (Walkin' Blues)
  7. Jelly Roll Bert
  8. Up Today and Down Tomorrow
  9. Getting Old Blues (Take A)
  10. Getting Old Blues (Take B)
  11. The Sun Goes Down in Blood
  12. Better Not Let My Good Gal Catch You Here
  13. If I Could Holler (Take A)
  14. If I Could Holler (Take B)
  15. Streamline Blues
  16. Good Suzie (Rusty Knees)
  17. Down in Mississippi
  18. Evil Bad Woman
  19. Cherry Ball
  20. Let's Get Together
  21. Good Woman Blues
  22. Skin and Bones Woman (Take A)
  23. Skin and Bones Woman (Take B)

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