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This song is by Johnette Napolitano and appears on the album Scarred (2007).

Look at my hands
Look at my feet
Clumsy stumps of leftover fin
I manage to walk
I manage to talk
Speak, eat, drink, and live in my skin
Lookin' at you
Watching you move
I almost pass out
I so want to be you
My tongue is like leather
I feel nails in my jaw
And you're so together
And I am in awe

Angels among us
They're not so far above us

Amazing, you're amazing
And I am only okay
But you are amazing, you're amazing
And I just want to live in your light

When I'm with you
Everything seems like a dream
Or so to me it seems
When I watch the air around you
Turn to shades of pink and green
It's the most beautiful thing
You have no idea
There's no way for you to see
The magic all around you W
Hen you turn your eyes on me

Angels among us
They're not so far above us
They're here on earth as well
As far as I can tell

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