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Trip And Fall

This song is by John Wesley and appears on the album Chasing Monsters (2002).

Sometimes we run we trip and fall
Sometimes we look we don't see at all
Sometimes we heal, it leaves a scar
Sometimes we run we go too far

And then we slide...

You and me we been through this before
Seems the bruises that won't heal got bruised some more
Through these towering waves of malice we rise
The only way we lived was side by side
But then we slide...

You know I've got no shame for what we are
It's a miracle we ever come this far
And the only way we ever did survive
Was side by side

Some days I was your only friend
Some days I thought we would be again
Some nights it was you kept me alive
I can't face this world without you by my side

But then we slide...

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