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There Go I

This song is by John Wesley and appears on the album The Emperor Falls (1998).

This year the winter comes to early
Always seems to be you that takes the fall
The summer that was her is gone forever
You knew she was going but not that far

People always ready to come down upon you
Say you choose your luck
Like you choose a tie
And when those choices don't add up to nothing
You feel like just laying down to die

Before you go and do such a bad thing
I'll let go a little secret that I hide

I had to walk a mile in your shoes
So listen up cause this rings true
But for the grace of God
There go I
And you are not alone here on the edge

Very few in this world mean to harm you
Some of those who do
Don't even try
There are those of us here who really love you
So just take what you have and don't ask why

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