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Right Here Beside Me

This song is by John Wesley and appears on the album The Closing Of The Pale Blue Eyes (1995).

I watched you close your eyes
Your body beneath the sheet
As you drifted away
I knew the division was complete
I brushed back your hair
Knelt and kissed you goodnight
I knew it was the last time
I'd ever witness the sight

What could have been said
What could have been done
Seems I'd been fighting the end
Since before we'd begun
I walked out alone you know
I've done this before
Shut my eyes, took a breath
Turned and closed the door

Then the sun rose in front of me
Thought of my little one
Turned my face into the wind
Isn't this place familiar, little girl
Seems like we're going
On alone once again

And she said,
You keep walking on right
Here beside me
It's just you and me again