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One Step Behind

This song is by John Wesley and appears on the album The Emperor Falls (1998).

You always been a little slow
Hung up on yourself most times
You seem to watch the world going by through
Someone else's eyes
Your own reflection always seems to blind you
But one day you awoke to find
All the people that tried to love you were gone
You were the only one left behind

You were just one step behind
You were just one step
Living one step behind
And you missed it...

You didn't put no kids through college
Or lavish love upon a wife
So you sit alone with all your pretty things
Waiting for the phone to ring
You saved a whole lot of money
You spent a whole lot of time
Waiting for your greater future to get here
But you couldn't catch it

You were just one step behind...
And you missed it

Now you wake up on the sidewalk
With your car keys in your hand
The sunrise burning holes in your eyes
But you missed it
You chased away your princess
Waiting for a queen
Now your princess is gone
With another man
And you miss her
Lord how you miss her
Living just one step behind

You wake up and it's over
You done spent your life alone
You don't remember that it even happened
Don't realize it's gone
You were just one step behind

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