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In Ohio

This song is by John Wesley and appears on the album The Closing Of The Pale Blue Eyes (1995).

I remember a night we had together
Thought that I'd give it to you
We drank and danced and we laughed
And I never thought I'd be without you
Would you believe me if I'd said
I'm gonna miss you
When you're gone

I'm sitting here alone
And it's not the first time
But you know it's probably the worst
I remember the way that you held me
And touched me as if I was your first

Would you believe me if I said
I'm gonna miss you when you're gone

I don't know what's in Ohio
God you never made the answer clear
But I know someone that needs ya
But that someone is living here

It's gotten outta hand between us
Vicious is something
It should have never been
It's just the coldest part of losing
Think I'll just live that night again

Would you believe me
If I said I'm gonna need you when you're gone
I'm gonna love you when you're gone

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