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Days That Won't Let Go

This song is by John Wesley and appears on the album The Emperor Falls (1998).

Wish I could blame this on your youth
But that would only make
A martyr of the truth
I chose to see only the
Beauty in your eyes
Never the shame
Never the lives

Wish I could blame this on the sun
I never seem to be the chosen one
Just a glimpse and you were gone
This place without you seems all wrong

Wish I could call you on the phone
Wish you happiness
Wherever you call home
Wish this night wasn't so dark and mean

I wish you'd see me
When you dream

These are the days
That won't let go
This is the shame
We're not allowed to show
This is the anger from inside
These are the days that will not die

I wish these thoughts of you would end
I wish that someday you could learn to be my friend
I wish I'd never kissed your face
I wish these thoughts to be erased

I wish that someday you might find
A little love
A little peace of mind
I wish that I don't fall apart
I wish that you'd still hold me
In your heart

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