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Come And Gone

This song is by John Wesley and appears on the album The Emperor Falls (1998).

We hide... we run
We dodge, we deny
We turn from the gun and try

To live... to learn
Yet we injure the loves
That we don't recognize
I look... to my home
See a comb or a brush
And remember the touch

Of you... who I loved
Who I wronged
Who have come and gone
You have come and gone
Though these dreams
Do fail
To yield us the promise made

Yield us the promise gave

We reel... in the wake
In the shock of the madness
The all consuming sadness

You bring... to me
The body we created
Cut by words that were
We bleed... and move on
With scars too slow to heal
A memory too numb to
You have come and gone

Though we run from the
Coming of the light
And we hide in the shadows of our own lives
Always searching for those
Who have gone
Those who have come and gone

We feel safe in the
Cover of the night
We bury the hope
That's in our own lives
Living crushed by lovers
Who've gone
You have come and gone
You fade... from my sight
From my heart you will bleed away
Then I will turn away
Of you... who I've loved
Who I've wronged
Who have come and gone

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