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​The Shame Of Going Back

This song is by John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew and appears on the album Lawson (2005).

When you've come to make a fortune and you haven't made your salt
And the reason of your failure isn't anybody's fault;
When you haven't got a billet, and the times are very slack,
There is nothing that can spur you like the shame of going back.
Crawling home with empty pockets, going back hard-up;
Oh! it's then you learn the meaning of humiliation's cup.

When the place and you are strangers and you struggle all alone,
And you have a mighty longing for the town where you are known;
When your clothes are very shabby and the future's very black,
There is nothing that can hurt you like the shame of going back.

Ah! my friend, you call it nonsense, and your upper lip is curled,
I can see that you have never worked your passage through the world;
But when fortune rounds upon you and the rain is on the track,
You will learn the bitter meaning of the shame of going back;
Going home with empty pockets,
Going home hard-up;
Oh, you'll taste the poison in humiliation's cup.