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What Happened

This song is by John Rzeznik.

U hear the sounds,deep in the night,
hearing those sounds freak your delight,
the leaves crunch beneath your feet,
and the creatures come running to your heart's beat,
it's not a scream you exhale,
when u see a wolf,vicious and pale,

it's fangs are sharp,and it prowls
like a shark,
it leans back,and then right smack,
it knocks u out in the dark.
you try to run,will u be done
again it snaps at your feet,

Bass solo "What happened when u did that dare?"

the stars come falling fom the sky,
your friends met u without knowing why,
they ran and so did u,
they had no idea what to do,
all those thoughts,running through your head,
by the end of the night,would you be dead?

was it a thought,or was it not?
that dare u did suggest?
was it worth it,just to be the "best"?

What happened...when you did that dare?

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