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John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett (1977)Edit

  1. Misty Mountain
  2. Murder Man
  3. If I Did
  4. Racing Cars (Jet Spotter Of The Track)
  5. Louisa On A Horse
  6. Gypsy
  7. Really Free
  8. Bluey Green
  9. Cheryl's Going Home
  10. Trying Times
  11. Geneva

Deep & Meaningless (1978)Edit

  1. Place Farm Way
  2. To Anne
  3. If I Did
  4. Beware Of The Flowers ('Cos I'm Sure They're Going To Get You Yeah!)
  5. The Alamo
  6. Oh My Body Is Making Me
  7. Josephine
  8. Schnot
  9. A. Riders In The Sky B. Running From The Law C. Riders In The Sky
  10. I Wouldn't Wish It On You
  11. Can't Complain

Other SongsEdit

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  1. A413 Revisited
  2. Airport
  3. Bags Of Fun With Buster
  4. Best Dream
  5. Bunsen Burner
  6. Cor Baby (That's Really Free)
  7. Cor Baby That's Really Free
  8. Delilah
  9. Poetry & Jazz
  10. Poetry And Jazz
  11. Too Much Air Not Enough Oxygen
  12. Willy In The Air

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