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The Bering Sea

This song is by John Nolan and appears on the album The Collaboration Experiment (2009).

I was under the impression that I was right

I was thinking about what wasn't

I was wondering about the bering sea
About the history of the worlds

I was asking myself what it's like to be you

If living in your skin
Was something that I could get used to

We were talking about the relativity of

How there's no way to know if we're experiencing the same

It's always 2 am that I feel alive again

And I decided that people
Were programmed to survive

And now survival's too easy and we don't know what
To do with our lives

Too much time on our hands, not enough on our minds

Keep looking for problems and so that's what we find

In over my head, you were
Under the sea

Basking in the deep tranquility

And somewhere down deep at the
Ocean floor

We started talking about what it was we needed more of

Always 2 am that I feel alive again

I've been thinking about how things
Could be

About laughing out loud

About absurdity

And side by side into the

I can't help thinking that maybe everything is going to be all right

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