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​Cleveland County Blues

This song is by John Moreland and appears on the album High On Tulsa Heat (2015).

My baby is a tornado in the endless Oklahoma sky
Spinng devestation and singing me a lullaby
And you're wreckin' all the rooftops when April turns to May
Wouldn't make a difference if I could or couldn't stay
I fall back into love look up and then you're gone
But I still find you stormin' in my bones
When I toucht he hands of time
They won't mind what and where I've been
Woke up in Cleveland County
You're pickin' up my pulse again
We'll be tearing through your sheets
Or through the streets of this old town
Looking for the answers to these doubts we drag around
And babe I never learn you'll say the word and I will break
But I'll still feel your old familiar ache
So we're covered up in fiction chasing somethihng true
And darling damn the luck and the consequences too
I could bury all the memories
I could patch up all the holes
But I'd still feel your fingers on my sole
My babuy is a tornado in the endless Oklahoma sky
Spinning devastation and singing me a lullaby