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For the US singer, see Jon McLaughlin.

Extrapolation (1969)Edit

John McLaughlin - Extrapolation
  1. Extrapolation
  2. It's Funny
  3. Arjen's Bag
  4. Pete the Poet
  5. This Is for Us to Share
  6. Spectrum
  7. Binky's Beam
  8. Really You Know
  9. Two for Two
  10. Peace Piece

Devotion (1970)Edit

  1. Devotion
  2. Dragon Song
  3. Marbles
  4. Siren
  5. Don't Let the Dragon Eat Your Mother
  6. Purpose of When

Love Devotion Surrender (1973)Edit

Santana & John McLaughlin - Love Devotion Surrender
Love Devotion Surrender
  1. A Love Supreme
  2. Naima
  3. The Life Divine
  4. Let Us Go into the House of the Lord
  5. Meditation

Trio Of Doom (1979)Edit

John McLaughlin, Jaco Pastorius, Tony Williams - Trio of Doom
Trio of Doom
  1. Drum Improvisation (Live)
  2. Dark Prince (Live)
  3. Continuum (Live)
  4. Para Oriente (Live)
  5. Are You The One? Are You The One? (Live)
  6. Dark Prince
  7. Continuum
  8. Para Oriente (Alternate Take 1)
  9. Para Oriente (Alternate Take 2)
  10. Para Oriente

After the Rain (1995)Edit

After the Rain
After the Rain
  1. Take the Coltrane
  2. My Favorite Things
  3. Sing Me Softly of the Blues
  4. Encuentros
  5. Naima
  6. Tones for Elvin Jones
  7. Crescent
  8. Afro Blue
  9. After the Rain

Industrial Zen (2006)Edit

John McLaughlin - Industrial Zen
Industrial Zen
  1. For Jaco
  2. New Blues Old Bruise
  3. Wayne's Way
  4. Just So Only More So
  5. To Bop Or Not To Be
  6. Dear Dalaï Lama
  7. Senor Cs
  8. Mother Nature

Floating Point (2008)Edit

Floating Point
Floating Point
  1. Abbaji (For Alla Rakha)
  2. Raju
  3. Maharina
  4. Off the One
  5. The Voice
  6. Inside Out
  7. 1 4 U
  8. Five Peace Band

Other SongsEdit

  1. A Love Supreme
  2. Tell Me About It

Additional information

Artist information:


  • aka: Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
Real name:

John McLaughlin is a performance name for John McLaughlin.

Years active:

1963 - present

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