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Tell Me What to Say

This song is by John Mayer.

I know it's early
And you hardly even know me but
I want your love so bad
So bad I'm bout to fuck it up

Could you tell me what to say?

You must have heard that line
About your eyes a million times
And now you're holding out to hear about your chin
I bet that that could get me in, let me in

Could you tell me what to say?
Tell me what to say

When you were younger playing princess
In your mothers dress
Into the mirror, dreaming what your prince would say
I know you still remember to this day

Could you tell me what to say?
Tell me what to say
Tell me what to say

And sure it's unfair
I might lose all self-respect
Those who say I should be myself
They have obviously never met you yet

So I can tell by the way your eyes roll
The way you stab the ice in your glass that it's over
I can see you signalling to a friend, whispering "make this end"

You should have told me what to say
Told me What To Say

(It's very primitive still)

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