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  1. A World of Hurt (featuring Jeff Healey)
  2. Along for the Ride (featuring Billy Preston)
  3. Put It Right Back (featuring Billy Gibbons)
  4. That's Why I Love You So (featuring Jonny Lang)
  5. Yo Yo Man (featuring Peter Green)
  6. If I Don't Get Home (featuring Gary Moore)
  7. Testify (featuring Shannon Curfman)
  8. Early in the Morning (featuring Chris Rea)
  9. Something About My Baby (featuring Andy Fairweather Low)
  10. So Many Roads (featuring Otis Rush)
  11. World War Blues (featuring Billy Preston)
  12. California (featuring Red Holloway)
  13. She Don't Play by the Rules (featuring Mick Taylor & Andy Fairweather Low)

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Live at the BBC (2007)