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This song is by John Mark Nelson and appears on the album I'm Not Afraid (2015).

I hear you speak
And I keep you in mind
And the night seems to whisper your name
And your voice fills my head
Every word that you said
I will hope I will find a way

Thirty days seems so long
When you feel you've done wrong
As I play back the reel in my head
It was never enough
All that miserable stuff
Dig this grave, walk away so alone

If the worst is really over
Why do I still feel the same?
I will offer you my ending
And the days that still remain

When the days grew as one
Older now we've become
And the choices we make are not all wrong
Still we hope in the eyes
Of these young fragile lives
And we smile as they grow so wild


For everyone else it seems so easy
Simply a phase of life
And, baby, there's something broken in me
Oh, maybe my heart was right

Here I stand at the end
Of a life nearly spent
Every choice, every fear, and doubt
Oh, how strange and how lost
Every pride, every cost
Every choice that I did without


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