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Love Sneaks In

This song is by John Lithgow.

Love sneaks in when everything seems quiet
Set the bait and like a fool you buy it
Your famous self-possession's vanished from your repertoire
This is what can happen when you leave the door ajar

And love sneaks in and whispers to you sweetly
Silly words that change your life completely
You're fumbling in the dark, the master's now the mark
You're out of luck if love sneaks in on you

The player has been nicely played
The mocker's now the mocked
That's what tends to happen
When you leave the door unlocked

And love sneaks through the usual defenses
The sighs, the smirks that state the old pretenses
What's gone is what you were, what's left is all a blur
You're stung, you're stuck for love snuck in with her


Written by:

David Yazbek

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