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Morning Blues

This song is by John Lee Hooker and appears on the compilation album The Boogie Man (2006).

Yes, I lay down last night
Yes, I was thinking to myself
Oh lord
Lord I was thinking all of her to myself

Yes, I wonder how did you love me any baby?
Now was you lovin' - now was you lovin', oh, somebody else?
Hear my baby when she left me, oh Lord
When she left me by myself

Lord, I'm sure is worried
I'm just sitting here thinkin'

Yes, I'm going out...

I says I lay down last night, lay down last night
Now, but I sure wasn't satisified. Now, but I sure wasn't satisfied
I was thinkin' about my baby
And I wonder if she'll come back to me

Well, I say good
Goodbye baby.Goodbye Baby
I hope we meet again
I hope we meet again someday, oh Lord

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