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Cuttin' Out

This song is by John Lee Hooker and appears on the album The Healer (1989).

(John Lee Hooker)

Hey, hey, hey!
I'm leavin', leavin', leavin',
Won't be back no more
Lord, Lord
Lord, Lord
Cuttin' out this morning,
Won't be back no more
Won't be back no more

My woman told me, "Hit the road Johnny,
Don't come back no more"
Packed my suitcase,
Went on down the line
I got down, to the station
With suitcase in my hand

The train was leaving
Oh, the train would leave, the train was leaving
I said, "Hold the train conductor, I ain't got the time,
Get a ticket, I got money in my hand"
Paid my fare, the train started movin'
Paid my fare, when the train got movin'
Oh, don't stop rollin' 'til the whole state's outta sight
Whole state!
Outta sight
Lord, Lord, Lord
I feel so bad


I was sittin' way down inside
I was sittin' there cryin', cryin'
The train was movin', the train was movin'
Conductor told me, said, "Johnny stop cryin', stop cryin'"
Gon' take you 'way from here
Down the line,
Down the line,
Down the line,
Down the line
Stop crying, stop crying, stop cryin', stop crying
Takin' you away from here, down the line


Written by:

John Lee Hooker

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