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Falling In Love

This song is by John Klass.

Falling In Love
by John Klass

The first time
I had a glance of your face
I just knew that our love was meant to be
Take my hand, don't be afraid girl
And we'll make it thru to our destiny

Oh, take a stept right into my soul
Walk right in, let your feelings show
You can get there baby
Just open your heart & let go


We are falling in love oh baby
It comes from right up above, oh lady
When your're feeling unsure
Just look deep inside you
And then you will know
It's our story of love
OH, Whoa Whoa Whoa, Whoa OH, Yeah!

A broken heart isn't always a bad thing
Another day another time it will come to pass
There's more to this than getting by
It could all work out if only we try

Oh, just slide right into my soul
Stept right in, let your feelings flow
You can get there baby,
Just open your heart & let go

(Repeat Chorus x2)

We are falling in love (such a special feeling)
We are falling in love (be there when you need me)
Oh Whoa Whoa Whoa Oh Oh Yeah!

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