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I Move On

This song is by John Kander, features Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renée Zellweger and appears on the movie soundtrack Chicago (2002 film cast) (2002).

While truckin down the road of life
Although all hope seems gone
I just move on

When I can't find a single star
To hang my wish upon
I just move on
I move on

I run so fast
A shot gun blast
Can hurt me not one bit

I'm on my toes
Cause heaven knows
A moving target's hard to hit

So as we play
An ex-ballet
We're not the dying swan
We just move on
We move on

Just when it seems
We're out of dreams
And things have got us down

We don't despair
We don't go there
We hang our bonnets out of town

So there's no doubt
We're well cut out
To run life's marathon
We just move on
We just move on
So light of foot
We can't stay put
We just move on
Yes, we move on

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