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The Way We Make A Broken Heart

This song is by John Hiatt and appears on the album The Best Of John Hiatt (1998).

Just a one more kiss she'll have to miss
This night with you
Now you're guilty of this secret love
As I am too
You'll get used to telling lies
And feeling sorry when she cries
Now that the strings are attached
She'll catch on
We've done our part
Oh, this is the way we make a broken heart

Lesson number one we've just begun
To hurt her so
And with lesson two she'll long for you
When lights are low
And we get to lesson three
When she gets down on her knees
And begs you to stop at the door
Just before
She comes apart

This is the way we make a broken heart

Now we laid a trail of tears
For her to follow
And we've thought of every line
That she might swallow

And with lesson four there'll be no more
For her to bear
And on some dark night we'll dim the lights
On this affair

Then she'll find somebody new
And he'll likely hurt her too
'Cause there must be millions just like you and me
Practiced in the art

This is the way we make a broken heart
This is the way we make a broken heart

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