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The Love That Harms

This song is by John Hiatt and appears on the album Riding With The King (1983).

Shes seen the whites of crazy eyes
Been in the camps of foreign spies
Taken lovers by surprise
The captives smile
But all the while she is wearing a disguise

Better men have been betrayed
Better men have been afraid
Shes the best trick in the trade
Just another kiss
On a long hit list and shes got you made

I'd hoped I wouldnt haven't to tell you
But now it begins
The fool has rushed in
Into the waiting arms
Of the love that harms

I never knew such a hurting thing
Until she wore my wedding ring
And all the pain her love can bring
Well, I'm telling you
So you wont go through what I'm still remembering

But I can see that its just too late
The next in line is gonna have to wait
Thought we all meet the same fate
In a tomb thats sealed
With a kiss of steal from a blinding date

Ready or not she got you willing
Now it begins
The fool has rushed in
Into the waiting arms of the love that harms.