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Love Like Blood

This song is by John Hiatt and appears on the album Riding With The King (1983) and on the album Y'All Caught?: The Ones That Got Away, 1979-1985 (1989).

Take it easy baby
But take as much as you can
'Cause I got all the sweet loving
You could possibly stand
I'll take your tears for drinking water
Make your pain sweet company
You can lay all your burdens on my shoulder
Girl you mean that much to me

I could climb the highest mountain
To show the world I could survive
But without your lovin' baby
I wouldn't even be alive
Cause your love is like blood
Cause your love is like blood to me

Like a river baby
Your love is running through me
And with ev'ry beat of our hearts
We're defying gravity
Just a little bit further on up the stream
There's a shady resting place
Where you can lose all your blues and your troubles
With just one sweet embrace

Now I could do a million things
Just to prove that I'm a man
But there's only one woman
Who holds my life in her hands
Your love is like blood to me
Your love it's just like blood to me

I don't care what your people say
Over my dead body will they ever take you away
And any man cutting in on me
Well he just better stop 'cause I can't spare a drop
Your love is like blood to me

Your love is like blood to me

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